I’ve been on the writing Journey for a couple years now, and there is a major lesson I have learned. Knowing what to write is vastly different than knowing how to write it. 

I typically have the plot mapped out, but when I get to certain scenes it is difficult to figure out how to write it. In those moments it is difficult to just crank out three hundred words in a day instead of my goal of one thousand. The responsibility of an author is to find the right words as well as paint a picture with words, and sometimes that task is difficult to overcome. The irony with this problem is the harder I think about a scene I’m stuck on, the more difficult it is to write it. The lesson I have taken from this is to just sit down and write, and try not to be concerned about the quantity of words I churn out.

I put a lot of pressure on myself to produce large quantity of words every day, but I’m slowly realizing that isn’t the point of writing. Sometimes, a writer must struggle with a scene or single sentence even. That is what’s important.

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