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The evolution of Crystal Moon

I have said before that I am very nerdy.  I love Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and many more fantasy stories.  Part of being a fantasy writer is immersing myself into the genre and absorbing as much as possible.

One day my wife and I were talking about funny plots, we thought it would be hilarious if there was a story about a man who thought his wife was a Dark Lady of the Sith.  This guy is so obsessed with Star Wars that he literally sees the story’s villains in his wife.  He is unable to tell the difference between reality and fiction and after some time he loses his grip on reality entirely.

Since I didn’t want to deal with the copy write of Star Wars I changed Sith to witch.  The plot was then about a man who was absolutely paranoid and convinced his wife is a witch instead.

However, as time went on and I got feedback from beta readers it became clear that it no longer worked as a comedy.  That feedback also aligned with a gut feeling I had about it.  So a complete overhaul has been in the works, and that means it is doubtful the book will be out this Fall.  The delay will mean a much better book, which to me is worth it.

In the meantime, here is the working description for the novel: Gerald’s life changed a year ago, leaving him moody, exceptionally hungry, and scared.  He lives in absolute terror every day.  It isn’t the typical monsters like ghosts that terrorize him, but his very own wife!  For reasons Gerald cannot fathom, she has become a witch bent on hexing her husband, or so he thinks.  As he attempts to survive his wife’s curse and the difficulties that come with it, he discovers a friend who helps him along the way and a new town that feels like it was made just for him. While Gerald’s plight grows worse, he begins to document his experiences, but little does he know, his wife has been keeping a record as well.

Writing Update

Due to spending a couple months on the second etition of Goandria: Visions of War, my next novel will be delayed.  I originally hoped Crystal Moon would be out this month or next month, but that is no longer probable.  I want to have the best book possible and realized Crystal Moon is best as an urban fantasy thriller, not a dark comedy.  That means the editing and revising process will take much longer on top of already being set back.  

There will be more updates as I continue to work on my next project.