Winter Sale!

For a limited time only, you can download Goandria: The Schism Parts 1-3 for free on!  This is a great opportunity if you love to read Fantasy, especially if you want a quick and exciting read.

Part I you can download here.

Part 1 Cover.jpg

Part II here.

Part 2 Cover

And Part III here.

Part 3 Cover

In the meantime…

I know, I haven’t been posting much lately.  In the meantime I invite you to check out the point of this blog, my book (soon to be a series). If you want more information before buying you can learn more about it on my website.  As I have said in other blog posts, if you are willing to commit to writing a review within 6-8 weeks email me at  Also if you email me directly you can get my book at a discounted price of $6.00!