Inspirational People

img_1079It is common knowledge that authors model characters after real people. The people in my life who inspire me most are my wife and my son, but others who have inspired my characters are my first boss, current friends, and former friends.KIDS: As I parent, I have found myself saying things that I never thought I would say to anyone. It’s crazy what kids will try! Each child is different, but each child is also very quirky because they haven’t learned the social and cultural norms. Expecting to say the unexpected has become routine for me, and that first-hand experience has inspired characters in my books, particularly Jori from Visions of War. It isn’t just my son’s quirkiness that gives me material to write, but his innocence and utter fascination with the world around him. Children have a special way of seeing the world. They haven’t been instilled with walls of skepticism, mistrust, and hurt. In a lot of ways, children are far more open to seeing things the way they really are, and I try to capture that in Jori’s character.

SPOUSES: I have told my wife numerous times that she has such a loving heart it seems almost inhuman. She is slow to anger and quick to forgive, and if I didn’t know her, I wouldn’t believe someone like that could exists in this world. Especially with this volatile political season, it is especially refreshing to have such a wonderful and loving person as my spouse. It is that very nature that inspired a few characters in the Goandria books. Several of the characters, like Evera, embody bits and pieces of my wife’s personality.

FRIENDS/FORMER FRIENDS: Unfortunately, most people endure at least one toxic friend in their lifetime. I have had a few people like that throughout my life. The pain and frustration from those friendships have been fuel for one particular character in my upcoming comedy. This character never apologizes, never takes responsibility, and his very presence negatively impacts the lives of those around him. I find this sort of character fascinating and tragic because he is essentially destroying his own life and doesn’t even realize it. I also find this kind of character to be very relatable because toxic relationships are surprisingly common. They may not be easily labeled as “evil,” but these sorts are often arrogant and dismissive of the effects they have on other people’s lives.

These are just a few people that have given me inspiration for my characters. What sort of people inspire you and your writing?