Visual Inspiration

I have written before on inspiration.  In this post I wanted to share some of the pictures I have taken during my daily walks.  Nature and reality should be the basis of all fiction and it is the duty of all writers to try to capture its magnificence.  Sometimes, that is easier said than done.

Nature is an Author's Friend

I have written previous blogs on inspiration, and in some ways this is a continuation of that thought. One of the most powerful sources of inspiration for me is nature. The inherent beauty of forests or grasslands, the night sky, and a beautiful sunny day are inspiring in and of themselves.

Nature is pure and raw beauty, and a glimpse of an even greater beauty, one that is not fathomable. One of the richest experiences for me is walking through the woods at night. There is such awe and wonder in this that it fuels my creativity in ways movies, television, and even books cannot. If I am in an area where I can get a good look at the night sky, I like to ponder the vastness of not only our galaxy but of the universe itself and all the mysteries we have yet to discover or will never know.

It is this wonder and awe that I find so easy to translate into speculative fiction. There is always something more for humanity to learn, and nature reminds me of that every day.