Mediums of Storytelling- Videogames

The next couple blog posts will be on my experiences and thoughts with varying forms of storytelling and their influence on writing.  Reading is heavily influential on writing, after all writing begets writing.  Writing stories is not just about novels.  Television, movies, and videogames all involve this process.

I’ve been playing videogames since I was six years old.  It didn’t take long to learn about the stigma around the hobby.  Those who play videogames are often thought of as lonely childish men living in their parents’ basement.  Adults who haven’t played games before tend to think they are for children only, despite a good portion of them rated mature.

As a medium, videogames have evolved considerably since the 80s and 90s when they started to gain popularity.  Back in the day, story was secondary to gameplay, if it was even existent at all, outside of RPGs.  Now, compelling and inspiring stories are told through videogames, and subsequently are fuel for writing stories of my own.  Even when the story isn’t explicit through cut scenes or a plethora of text to read, certain series do it masterfully through the gameplay itself.  Castlevania, Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda games are just a few examples.

Sure, videogames are abused by some folks.  I had a roommate in college that would play World of Warcraft for 48 hours at a time sometimes.  He would rarely go to class and practically lived in front of his computer screen playing games.  Spending hours a day neglecting responsibility has been associated with videogames, along with provoking violence.  However, that is by far the minority.  Anything can be abused.  Television certainly is and has been since its invention.  I would even submit even reading for hours and hours on end isn’t healthy either.  Why?  We may be working our minds while reading but we are still sedentary.

Videogames are a way to gain visual inspiration just as television shows with deep stories.  Authors who are gamers shouldn’t be ashamed of, in fact we should embrace it as a means to dive into a world rich with inspiration.

Fall is here!

It is that time of year again: a time for yellows, reds, and oranges. A time for pumpkins, fields ready for the harvest, and cooler weather. For me, autumn is a special time of year, my favorite time of year that marks a transition from summer to winter with a spectacle of colors.

As a southern Minnesotan I have grown accustomed to long, cold winters and hot, muggy summers. The transition periods of spring and fall are the most fleeting, and ultimately the most special. I am not a fan of frigid cold weather, like most, but I like heat even less. Fall brings that happy medium of 40s-60s weather.

With autumn, cloudy days and a backdrop of mist and colors creates a mystical feeling. I am an odd one that prefers clouds over abundant sunshine. I feel that the colors of nature are bolder when there are clouds.  Even as a kid, I remember fall invoking such awe and wonder because of its beauty. Of course as a kid, fall was more bittersweet because that meant school was around the corner.

Fall is the time of year that nature works a masterpiece of colors and breathtaking beauty. What is your favorite season? Do you share my love for autumn?