The Nazi Cliché

I have noticed in the shows and movies I watch, and the books I read that Nazi imagery for the villains is prevalent. Okay, prevalent might be a little bit of an understatement. The correct word would probably be ubiquitous. I have seen the imagery in Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Wayward Pines just to name a few examples. The Third Reich has undoubtedly earned the villainy reputation it has. Nazis did horrible things and now modern fiction often models the villains after them in some fashion, even if it is just loosely. Now whenever someone doesn’t like a politician or political party, too often comparisons arise between them and the Nazis. Nazis are so commonly used, either directly or indirectly, that they have become the clichéd villains. 

History is important, and learning from the atrocities of the past is the most important. I have said before that fantasy isn’t just about escaping reality, it is another window to view it. Reminding current generations of the horrors people have committed in the past is one important function of fiction. The Nazi imagery has been overdone however. Yes, the Nazis did horrible things and history should not forget what they did lest history repeats itself. There were other evil groups, cults, governments, and beliefs that we need to prevent from happening again too. Stalin killed a lot more people than Hitler, yet him and the KGB haven’t even come close to the notoriety of the Nazis. I would argue learning from that part of history is equally as important as the Third Reich.

I would like to encourage other areas of history to influence fiction. Let’s face it, Nazi imagery has been overdone. What about Pol Pot and the genocide he committed, or more recently ISIS? I would like to see more varied allusions to history outside of “How can we make this group more evil looking by subtly comparing it to the Nazis?” We are writers, creative thinkers. Let us tape into the wellspring of history and most just lazily follow the crowd and use the same allusions for evil.

Goandria: Visions of War is back!

The second edition of Goandria: Visions of War is now released!  It has all new chapters, greater characterization, and now the eBook includes the short story Flight of the Wizard, once exclusive to the paperback.

If you read fantasy, I am looking for reviewers.  My goal is to have three reviews on this book before Halloween.  If you are willing to read it and review it email me at and I will send you a free review copy.

If you want more details on the book you can read the description on the amazon page here.

A Note on Marketing

I have said before that marketing isn’t my specialty. Honestly, I need help, as in a professional to come along side me who is honest. I have had friends and family come along side me and give awesome tips, and combined with my own research I’m fairly well-armed. However, that doesn’t mean that I always know how to implement what I learned, and even when I do it doesn’t seem to work very well. I’m willing to pay someone to help, but frankly I’m very suspicious of all the book marketing sites on Twitter. It is particularly alarming when someone clams to be awesome at marketing and when I check out her amazon page she has less reviews than I do and hasn’t sold a whole lot more than me either.

Sadly, this is something I have found to be rather common on Twitter. Hundreds of people or companies claiming they can sell books grunted, but there is very little information on how they are going to sell the books. Meanwhile I’m trying to improve my writing and marketing skills all at the same time. It’s been a fun journey, but I think the time is coming where I am going to need to get even more serious about marketing. Like anyone learning the ropes I made several blunders. It isn’t easy convincing total strangers they should by a book from someone they never heard of, and that is completely understandable. You don’t know the quality of the book I wrote or anything really. You can read the blurb and check it out on the website, but you won’t know how good it is until you buy it.

The other issue with book marketing is literally every author has a “formula” that sells books and as one can imagine the information often contradicts between sources. It is horribly confusing and at the end of the day all I can do is see what works and what doesn’t. So if you are an author like me, hang in there, selling our books takes time and it is often a painfully slow process.

Six ways you know you belong in Goandria:

1. You like cloaks a little too much

Do you ever get bogged down by wearing “normal” clothing? Do you go to your local Renaissance Festival and think to yourself, “Why can’t I dress like this all the time without being looked at like a freak?” In Goandria, you can! It is a place where cloth tunics and leather armor are in style, but the best part is wearing a cloak. Need an impromptu blanket? Grab your cloak! Is it raining? Grab your cloak! Are you cold? Grab your cloak! Frankly, they are great for just about any occasion. 

2. You would rather have a sword than a cell phone

Technology is great, and those of us who are blessed to live in developed parts of the world get to use it for a plethora of things. Sometimes, though, it can be too much. If seeing people more interested in their phone than their spouse upsets you, then you would love Goandria. Telephones do not exist. Sure, Goandria has its own form of technology, but people are more social there because they know how to talk to each other … with mouths instead of fingers and thumbs …

3. You sometimes wish you can talk to something other than humans

People are great. Humans are responsible for so much beauty and wonder, but we all know that destruction and duplicity is in our nature as well. Have you ever wished there was another race you could talk to and learn about? Do you ever wonder what other advanced people would have to offer? In Goandria there are many intelligent races beyond human beings. There are englifs, ferrorians, and frushians to name just a few, and that isn’t counting the less-friendly ones like the katzians. In Goandria, you can have a chance to talk with all of them.

4. You wonder what it would be like to have a king while still maintaining the freedoms of a Republic

We have heard about the kings of old. Some were good and some were bad, well a lot were bad, but it was a far different era. There are places in the world where there are leaders still called “kings” or “queens,” but for the most part, the term doesn’t mean what it did in the Dark Ages. If you ever have been curious to see what it would look like to have a king who rules a Republic instead of a Monarchy, Goandria would be a wonderful place for you to visit, especially if you are wondering how that whole situation actually works.

5. You like sparkly trees

Forests are beautiful. They are home to hundreds of different animals and represent nature in its purest form. What if the trees were sparkly and dazzled like diamonds in starlight? Sound wonderful? It is because I have been to Goandria and have seen it for myself. It is a beautiful thing that all should see.

6. You like dragons

Of course you like dragons! Who doesn’t? Who even thought that question needed to be asked?
You can discover Goandria for yourself here.