A New Marketing Approach

I’ve said it before, and it still holds true, marketing isn’t my strong suit. The idea of convincing someone else to buy something is difficult. However, after giving my current modes of marketing some time, I’ve decided that this year is when I need to shake things up a bit.

It is time I finally paid for advertisements, but that is a project in and of itself. Finding what works, what doesn’t work, how much the ad bid should be and everything else that goes into it is something that takes time. Along with that I’ve been searching for independent bookstores to sell my works. Along with that I’m rethinking my approach to social media, and even deleted some accounts. I realized I relied too heavily on social media, when it is in fact best for growing an author’s brand, not driving sales.

The final part of my new marketing plan is to seek out more reviews. That I the tricky thing. I have given away several copies for free in exchange for reviews, only to never actually receive the review. I hate beings nag, or sounding desperate so I sent reminders out once, and that was it. If anyone on here has advice on how to get people to write the reviews they promised to give, please let me know. Also, if there are authors that read this, I will do a review swap with you. That way we both benefit from each other’s time. You can contact me in the comments or via email: goandria@outlook.com