Do you enjoy ads? Do you have an unbelievable sense of joy when you have to wait nearly two minutes to see a three-minute news clip? How about when the show you are watching is at its climax, and suddenly you see laundry detergent? Doesn’t that just thrill you? No? Ads are generally annoying, aren’t they? Sure, you might find one here or there that is entertaining, but I feel advertisements are annoying to most people and generally go ignored.

In a world that is overly full of ads, it is easy to be dismissive or oblivious to them, so businesses have to do what it takes to grab our fleeting attention. I’m one of those people who would rather change the channel or look up something on the internet for five minutes than watch a round of commercials. In fact, I hate commercials/ads so much that I am willing to pay a premium to avoid them. Yet I am an author, and advertising is a part of the business.

This blog, my social media accounts, and goodreads ads ultimately exist to reach a wider audience. In other words, they exist for advertising. My disdain for most ads, though, has lend me a certain perspective. The least effective way to advertise, in my opinion, is to be very in someone’s face about it. I do not need to see you promote your business at every corner, and the same applies to my stuff. Of course advertising is a learning process and is different for every business and every author, and I still have A LOT to learn. The best way to learn, it seems to me, is to examine first what does not work. Too often I have seen authors troll pages (including my own book giveaway on Facebook), filling social media with as much of their stuff as they possibly can, and that turns me off to ever wanting to read their stuff. If that is the effect this method of advertising has on me, then I can only imagine it does the same for many others.

Ultimately, advertising is a necessity for any type of business, but it does not have to be done in an annoying or frustrating manner. Authors, we have all seen those ads. Let us rise above that and let our creativity do the work for us.