As a writer, and one whose native language is English, I have found the hashtag movement on social media to be about as pleasant as listening to nails scratch on a chalkboard over and over. In a world where text messaging has degraded the English language and cursive is no longer taught in schools, the use of hashtags on social media just compounds the annoyance for me. Yet, in order for my posts and my works to continue to be seen by a growing audience, I have caved in to the abhorrent hashtags and hopped on the bandwagon.

I tried really hard not to give in. I really did. Every fiber of my being screamed out at me, β€œDON’T DO IT!” Because hashtags do not use spaces or punctuation, they seem silly and difficult to read, especially the long ones. Part of my problem is that I already struggle with using proper grammar. Yes, I am a writer, and grammar does not come easy for me, but I see the value in it, and intentionally abusing the English language on social media is a step backward in my opinion. However, getting my posts seen on Twitter or Facebook is a whole lot more difficult without using the hashtag system. I caved in the end. Much like blogging, even though I do not like it much, hashtags are pretty important as an author, even if I do find them ridiculous.

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  1. #Nice #Article #Well #Done #YeahButIfYouHashtagLikeThisItsAlittleEasierToRead Hahahaha I’ve followed – I’m a fellow writer myself who writes short stories. I’m working on a novel right now, and would love to hear some feedback on my stories πŸ™‚ Thanks anyways, and keep writing πŸ™‚

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