Madness to Writing or Just Madness?

The conventional wisdom in writing is that the author should just produce garbage at first and not worry about it. After the first round of writing is finished, writers should start to worry about quality. The first time around is all about quantity, but the second time (and everything after) through a manuscript focuses on taking out the garbage. The problem: that doesn’t work for me.

If all I write is horrible garbage, there is nothing left after all of the editing. This also makes the editing process literally become a headache. For me, writing is important, and I strive to produce it with as high quality as possible. This means that when I write my first draft, I write with the mindset and intention that it will be my last draft. Obviously the first draft is not perfect. Just ask my editor. She has found some pretty entertaining typos.

I am a firm believer in always writing with the intent to write well the first time. My editor and I both agree that this method improves the writing quality and decreases time spent editing over and over again. This means I do not necessarily produce twenty thousand words a day, but I feel what I do produce is better.

For me it is all about writing with the intent to publish, not writing for the sake of writing.

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