Looking for Reviewers

Everyone knows that reviews help authors out a lot.  I am looking for people to review my newest book, Goandria: Visions of War.  I can set you up with a free copy if you are interested, all I ask is that you commit to writing a review within eight weeks of receiving the book.  Also, if you are interested in reviewing the prequel Goandria: The Schism that would be a big help too.  Just send me an email at goandria@outlook.com or leave a comment on this post.

If you want more information here is the official description: (You can also get more information on my website)

Aron, an Archris Knight of the Republics, returns home from the battlefield only to find himself plunged back into the war.  A new darkness threatens to upset the fragile peace of Goandria. The world’s hope lies in a small band’s ability to unite, despite their differing races and beliefs, to protect their homelands against the rising monster, Zontose, who now declares himself god-king of Goandria.

Powerless to aid the warriors, a young girl’s visions of possible futures bring both hope and despair. The fate of Goandria might depend on what she sees, but she doesn’t know who to trust

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