Hard Lessons

It is commonly said, “You cannot please everyone.” Writers know this too. We know that no matter the quality of something, someone will pick it apart. Someone will think the product is trash and does not deserve to be published.Sometimes this attitude comes from genuine critiques. The truth is, we are imperfect people that create imperfect works. The hope for a writer is to produce something that is as close to perfect as possible. Human bias also plays a big role. I do not understand book reviews from people who admit “I typically do not read this genre, and I did not like this book.” Or something along those lines. If you do not like a genre (and subsequently the book), then why bother writing a review?

I intellectually knew that there would be people that are impossible to please when I released my stuff to the world. There are going to be people who do not understand why I include certain elements and exclude others. A great example would be including a modern-like dialect in Goandria that uses medieval technology. I have talked about this here in great depth. Often people assume that fantasy has to include certain things, one of which is more formal dialogue. Why is that? If a book in a certain genre does not fit the clichés for that genre, it is called out. If the book follows the clichés of that genre, it is called out for being too cliché. I find it fascinating that people cry out for something different, but when they get it, they complain. This goes back to my original thought. You cannot please everyone because people are often difficult to please.

I am finding that since I cannot please everyone, I take constructive criticism very seriously, but I leave the rest be, and I suggest that other aspiring writers do the same.

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