Guest Blog from the Editor of Goandria

Lost in a Good Story – A Note From the Editor

I often get lost in good stories. They suck me in so far that I have trouble pulling myself out. However, I have also read stories that I could not possibly finish and I wonder how they became “classics.” For example, Harry Potter sucks me in, but even though I love King Arthur legends, I have never been able to finish The Once and Future King.

I was first introduced to Goandria in 2008, and I saw a lot of potential in it, but it still had a ways to go. After several years of revisions, I read through it again, and I was amazed. As an editor, I try hard not to get pulled in so deep that I miss spelling and punctuation errors, but it was really hard for me on this one. I find that I can relate to several of the characters in different ways, that I can actually feel what they are going through. I laugh and cry with them because they are real to me. It makes editing quite the challenge, but it gives me hope that readers may feel the same way.

I am glad that you can read the stories of Goandria for enjoyment, and I hope that they suck you in as they did me. I anxiously await the completion of the next story so I can find out what happens to the characters. It may just take a bit longer to go through several rounds of editing so I can enjoy the story at least once.

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