Fall is here!

It is that time of year again: a time for yellows, reds, and oranges. A time for pumpkins, fields ready for the harvest, and cooler weather. For me, autumn is a special time of year, my favorite time of year that marks a transition from summer to winter with a spectacle of colors.

As a southern Minnesotan I have grown accustomed to long, cold winters and hot, muggy summers. The transition periods of spring and fall are the most fleeting, and ultimately the most special. I am not a fan of frigid cold weather, like most, but I like heat even less. Fall brings that happy medium of 40s-60s weather.

With autumn, cloudy days and a backdrop of mist and colors creates a mystical feeling. I am an odd one that prefers clouds over abundant sunshine. I feel that the colors of nature are bolder when there are clouds.  Even as a kid, I remember fall invoking such awe and wonder because of its beauty. Of course as a kid, fall was more bittersweet because that meant school was around the corner.

Fall is the time of year that nature works a masterpiece of colors and breathtaking beauty. What is your favorite season? Do you share my love for autumn?

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