Behind the Scenes: The Worlox

The worlox are antagonists of The Schism and creatures of utter depravity. Long before the events of the short story series, these demons entered into Goandria, and with them came destruction and death. Much of Goandria froze over when the worlox arrived because of the power of these beings. But who are the worlox, and what makes them different from other antagonists?

The worlox are demons, but they are a diverse group. I depict several kinds faced in The Schism. Why would I chose this foe? Well, this part of Goandria’s history is only hinted at in an upcoming novel series, and when I was a kid, I wrote out a timeline when the worlox ruled. Until recently, though, I did not intend to write the story of the worlox. Then a friend who had read my first manuscript said it would make a great story. I imagined a world before the Three Republics established in Goandria, a world where there are no real governments outside of the worlox. The only laws, beside the worlox, are those of the wizards, and the wizards loosely enforce these laws at best. Being representatives of Voshnore and his will, the wizards have taken charge to care for the people of Goandria. Yet, like all people, the wizards are flawed. They become somewhat self-righteous and arrogant, focusing on war instead of the people.

What I wanted to do with the worlox is have a very different enemy than the upcoming series. In the novels that take place after The Schism, I have an oppressed people that comprise the armies of the antagonist. I wanted to toy with the idea of powerful spiritual beings taking on physical form and dominating the world. What would the world look like if demons did that? Now my answer to that question is not as dark as it could be. There was a bigger story to be told in The Schism, and I didn’t want to focus solely on the brutality of the worlox. I also aim to have a large age range for my books, but there were times when I contemplated showing the true darkness within the worlox culture. What I chose to do instead was offer bits and pieces, small glimpses into their world and what they are like. Instead of focusing on the gritty dark details of their lives, I aim to show what it would be like to have armies of demons roaming the world and what inevitably happens when a race of inherently selfish beings take over Goandria.

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